Every shopping website offers the possibility of adding the desired products into an online shopping list which you can review, modify or delete whenever the customer needs to. Implementing this option in a shopping website is crucial to have a user-friendly interface and this also means that you will have a standardized website in which customers won’t get lost and will easily navigate and have a nice GUI for them to look into.


Now that, if we go into the more technical dive of an Opencart API , we must have to understand this: an API is an application programming interface that represents a set of definitions of sub-programs, protocols, and tools for programming applications and software. An Opencart API can be used for web systems, operating systems, databases, hardware implementations and software libraries. For example, when we talk about the interface between the applications and programs and the operating systems itself, a bond is created in which programs and application can call the services of an operating system in which it runs.

A couple of examples in which APIs are used:

  • OpenAL
  • OpenCL
  • EGL
  • Mante
  • Direct3D
  • Django for Python usage
  • .NET programming
  • Win32 applications
  • DirectX for Microsoft Windows

Now if we were to combine these into the online marketing platforms, we get the open-source stage where APIs are delivered to the community free of use and can be modified without any copyright restrictions.

OpenCart API

This is where OpenCart API from https://opencart-api.com/ comes in as platform for e-commerce and shopping websites, offering a professional foundation to the community for building a successful internet marketplace.

The new API introduced in OpenCart API 2.0 allows third party application to communicate with the API storefront for easier integration with the customer’s data. OpenCart API has evolved into full-on online store manager based on PHP by using MySQL as a database planner and creator with other HMTL components for website integration. This new version of the API supports a large range of currencies and conversion rates along with full language support for a lot of countries, freely available under the GNU open license.

opencart API extension

Some features have been enabled in the new version as default in order to make your website more attractive and standard for the customer’s eye so that they won’t leave of the GUI:

  • The header has been improved with easier logo implementation and URL upgrade for adding links in the logo itself
  • Selecting currency is now available from the start of the of the page, keeping it along the other web pages that the customer will navigate through
  • A section for the customer to access his account is added in the header as well without affecting the structure of the web pages and thus allowing the customer to log in or create an account by clicking the link
  • The menu is located by default at the top right below the header and now you can customize with your own sections and colors, and even adding roll-on option for easier filtering
  • The homepage is customized with a slideshow style presentation of the top products and discounts available in the store, and it can easily be customized with alternating images and videos if needed
  • A new section under the slideshow option is added as a featured products section in which you can update special products with their pictures, details, prices, adding to cart option and adding to wish list
  • As an optional feature, although used in a variant of online web markets is the footer in which you can add the same links that are under the header along with contact information, terms of agreements, customer support links, account links and many more.

The ability to compare products is also added and the Opencart API shopping cart itself is tuned to offer a lot of option to the user in order to modify it while also maintaining a clean minimalist interface.

Taking into consideration the other OpenCart APIs that are available on the market and which also charge a lot more money in order for you to use them, you can surely use OpenCart API because it is open-source, with a huge community of developers who are available to respond to your issues and guide you with tips and tricks on how to optimize it into your website.

Opencart API features