Ever had a pickpocketing experience or had a friend tell you about their pickpocketing experience? Truth is, such an incident can be very scary and is a major set-back to your life. Think of it this way, your phone, credit cards, driving license, laptop and identification card are all gone. Think about how much money it will cost you to replace your gadgets.

Anti-theft backpacks for 15.6 inch laptop

Although it is an unfortunate case, pickpocketing is a menace that is experienced in a majority of the countries. It can happen anywhere, at the bus stops, while walking along the streets, in an event or even while taking a stroll in the park.

How can one avoid being pickpocketed?

There are a number of measures one can take to ensure that their items are safe. Some of them include

  • Always making sure that your items are attended to.
  • Carrying only what you require when you are stepping out
  • Carrying your wallet in the front pocket or in a secret pocket.
  • Avoid walking through crowded places.
  • Carrying your backpack in the front if you are walking through crowded places

What is an anti-theft backpack?

This backpack is just like an ordinary backpack but with additional special features that ensure your belongings are safe while you are out in the public to prevent you from being a victim of a petty pickpocket incident.

Which are these special features?

Anti-theft backpack producers have come with innovative ways to make the features of a normal backpack be their special features plus incorporating a few more details to make sure that commodities inside your backpack are safe. Some of these special features include;

  • Secret pockets

This is the most common feature in all backpacks. They have secret pockets that are not easy to locate because of their hidden zippers. These pockets offer a secure place to stash your small valuable items like wallets, passports and electronic cards.

  • Lockable zippers

This is also a common feature. The zippers often have a combination lock which makes it hard for anyone else other than you to access what is inside the bag.

  • Tear resistant material

Slashing of backpacks is a common technique used by pickpockets. This backpack offers protection from such thieves who opt to slash your bag so as to access what is inside. The backpacks are made of tear resistant fabric both on the backpack and on the straps, which can also be slashed. Some of the bags are made with a special kind of fabric while others are layered with steel wire mesh to enhance their resistance.

In technology, nobody likes to be left behind, not even thieves. People often carry cards thinking that it is safer than carrying money though it is not the case. Thieves have come up with ways in which they can steal your money electronically without even requiring your card. With this in mind, manufacturers of these backpacks have come up with a RFID protection feature which protects your cards from being hacked into electronically while in the bag.

  • Water resistance

Sometimes the weather just changes when we least expect and could get you while off-guard while you are carrying your laptop, phone and other valuable items in your bag. With this in mind, most of these backpacks are usually made from water-resistant fabrics to protect your valuables from damage in case of a change in weather.

  • In-built cables

These are mainly used to help secure your luggage together especially when travelling. Or even to secure your bag on maybe a seat next to you while you are in a restaurant. The cables are just to help you keep your backpack secure by securing it onto something making it hard for anyone to steal it.


Who is the backpack made for?

Just like a normal backpack, this backpack is for anyone. Whether you are looking to keep your items safe or you just want to buy it because it is what is trending.

Why should one buy the backpack?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to buy some things and not others. As for the anti-theft backpack, there are a number of reasons why you should consider making a purchase. The most important reason why one should by the backpack is because of it offers protection to your items while you are out and about.

What to look for when buying such a backpack

There are a lot of tech backpacks available in the market and from different brands. Each has their own advantages, style and fashion. In order to get the best anti-theft backpack available in the market, there are certain things you will first need to consider before making a purchase. They include;

  • The design

Consider at what features it has in place. Since you are looking for a backpack that will secure you items from theft, it is good to consider features such as hidden and lockable zippers, the fabric should be tear resistant and the shoulders straps should be slash-proof.

  • Its functionality

As much as it offers security, consider other aspects such as interior spacing and organization, ease of use and its in-built features.

  • Durability

These backpacks are normally a bit expensive than any ordinary backpacks. For this reason you have to consider how durable the backpack will be depending on your intensity of use. Consider looking at the zippers, quality of the inner fabric, the strength of the shoulder straps and quality of the padding.

The bag should be made with materials that will enable it to last for a long time.

What is the cost of this backpack?

The price of an anti-theft backpack will normally differ depending on a number of factors such as the brand and where you are buying it from but on average, the price of this backpack is estimated to be anywhere between $15 to $100.

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